Booth No. SS03
Choi Mu-yong

Prefabricated Relation / 110x100x100cm / Iron, Stainless Steel / 2019

2020 M.F.A., Chonbuk National University, South Korea

Solo Exhibition

2018 Invitational Exhibition 'Mechanical Human Relations, Human Mechanical Relations' (Nouvellebeck Museum, Jeonju)

2019 Selected Artists Exhibition 'Causality' (Kkotsim Removable Gallery, Jeonju)

40 Times of Group Exhibitions


2020 Best Work Award (Korean Society of Basic Art & Design)

2019 Jeollabuk-do Art Competition Grand Prize (Korea Art Association)

2018 Daekyo Int'l 3D Symposium Selected Artist (Daekyo Cultural Foundation)