Booth No. G09
Kim Ho-yeon

Ten Symbols of Longevity / 75x35cm / Mixed Media / 2018

65 Times of Solo Exhibition (NYC, LA, Germany, Japan, Seoul, etc)

Invited Guest Professor for Korean Arts of S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook(1991-1994) USA

Friendship Pleiades Gallery, NYC, 2004

Art & Porno, Asto Museum, LA, 2004

Total Planning for Donhak Art Festival, Gyeongju National Museum, 2002-2006

The Northest Asia Art Festival, Beijing(China), Kitakyushu(Japan), 2002-2006

Invited Exhibition, Achen Museum Moon, Youngam, 2006

Paik Nam-june Memorial Exhibition, Space World Gallery, NYC 2006

Dream of Great Nature, Canada, 2007