Booth No. D25
Choi Yong-dae

Buncheong Pottery / 91x61cm / Oil on Panel / 2020

18 Times of Solo Exhibition

2018 Invitational Exhibition of Gyeongbuk Figurative Artists

2017 Gyeongju Solgeo Art Museum Special Exhibition / Gyerim; Forest of Myth

2016 Locality, Pay Attention to Here and Now Planned by Art Gyeongju

2015 Special Exhibition of Art Gyeongju, an Old Future

2014 Invitational Exhibition of Korea Figurative Art

2013 Locality & Juncture: Figurative Art Today

2012~2008 Essence of Yeongnam Region Figurative Arts

2010 Legacy of True View Landscape Painting; 47 Artists’ Exhibition of Yeongnam Region