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난데샤 샨티 프라카시
Nandesha Shanthi Prakash

Alarm / 30x45x20cm / Wood, Fiber & Metal / 2020

Born in 1968 in India, Studied Applied Arts at College of Fine Arts, Bangalore. Heart Animation Academy Hyderabad and Printmaking at Bangalore University.

2006-Established Bangalore Artists Center. Art Practice Installation and Sculptures - Advertisements/Propaganda that Are Communicable. How Complicated Contemporary Society is.

2013-Solo Show “Sun Was a Myth” at Gallery Sumukha. 2009 “The Great Migration”, Public Project, by Robert Bosch.

Group Shows: 2016 “Morphology of Archive Connected Histories of Goa.

2013 Kasiwa Art Festival, Japan. 2010 TRIAD Loveland Museum/Gallery, USA.

2008 “Karkop International Workshop” Romania. 2006 “Edinburgh Art Festival” SSA, Scotland.

2013 Artist in Residency Program, Arcus Project, IBARAKI, Japan.